Monday, March 31, 2014

Blue Hour Contemplation

I had been out photographing sunset over some ice ridges on Lake Superior the other day and was having so much fun I wasn't paying attention to how dark it was getting.  I figured I should probably start back unless I wanted to be fumbling my way across the snow and ice in the dark!  So, I strapped my snowshoes back on and began the hike back to the truck.  I had only gone a few hundred feet when I came around the corner of Red Rock Point and saw this scene laid out before me.  I loved the way the clouds seemed to "fan out" from the tops of the trees.  I decided this was a perfect spot to try a self-portrait.  So, I set my tripod up again, composed the shot, set the timer and walked out into the scene and posed for the camera.  I ended up with what may just be my favorite shot of the "blue hour" (the hour after the sun goes down) that I've ever made.  This image conveys a sense of cold and the deep, dark heart of winter but believe it or not it was made on March 30th and the temperature was almost 40 degrees!

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