Monday, January 14, 2019

Strike Valley Sunset, Capitol Reef National Park

The last sunset that I photographed on my southwest trip was easily one of the most beautiful.  I was driving from Escalante to Moab via the backroads and I had planned it out so that I would (hopefully) be at the Strike Valley Overlook in Capitol Reef National Park in time for sunset.  Thankfully, my planning worked out and I was able to get there about 45 minutes before the sun lit up the sky the way you see it here.  

I would have gotten there earlier but I was not fully informed on just how rough the "road" was up the canyon to get to this spot (thankfully I have a Jeep!).  It's really not a road at all, you are basically driving right up the wash to get to the trailhead.  It is a legal route to drive, however, as I was instructed I could do so by the park rangers. From the trailhead it's a relatively short (about a half-mile) hike to get to the Strike Valley Overlook.  The view is tremendous.  Even if the clouds hadn't lit up the way they did I would have been completely satisfied with the view.  But, as you can see, mother nature put on quite a display.  

The elements were really on my side throughout this entire trip.  As with so many other moments, as I sat here watching the sunset show it was so incredibly quiet it felt like I could have heard a pin drop anywhere in the valley.  I am definitely coming back to this location, as there is another hiking route from the same trailhead that I'd like to do.  It's about a 9 to 10 mile loop and I'm told it passes by several arches and other interesting natural features.  I can't wait to return :-)  

Saturday, January 12, 2019

November Sunrise over Lake Powell

I always hope for a few clouds at sunrise and sunset to make photos a little more interesting but sometimes you don't need them at all and the images turn out plenty beautiful.  Of course, it helps to have a massively interesting foreground!  And the view of Lake Powell from Hole in the Rock is definitely interesting.  The vantage point here is several hundred feet above the surface of the water.  I really enjoyed my night spent here.  It was so peaceful and quiet, and I had the area to myself!  Another amazing experience from an unforgettable trip.  

Friday, January 11, 2019

Lake Powell Moonlight at Hole in the Rock

After I left Death Valley I pretty much hightailed it to Utah as the end of my vacation time was kind of sneaking up on me.  I spend one night in the small town of Escalante and enjoyed a delicious pizza from Escalante Outfitters.  The next day I explored Hell's Backbone Road before heading down Hole in the Rock Road.  Hell's Backbone was an amazing drive with pretty high elevation and amazing views.  

I've spent quite a bit of time along Hole in the Rock Road in the past, exploring some of the slot canyon and arch hikes that are in the area.  But I'd never been to the actual "Hole in the Rock" at the end of the road.  There isn't actually a "hole" in the rock, but there is a large slot that was blasted into the cliff by Mormon pioneers, who then lowered their wagons down the slot to cross the Colorado River.  The last 5 miles or so of the road are pretty rough so I was glad to have the Jeep here.  I spent the night at Hole in the Rock, overlooking Lake Powell.  The moonlight that night was amazing, really lighting up the landscape.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sunset from Aguereberry Point

After my drive through Titus Canyon, the last thing I did before departing Death Valley (and California) was visit Aguereberry Point for sunset.  I had never been up to this high vantage point before so it was a great way to cap off some awesome time spent in Death Valley.  Like most of my time spend in the California desert on this trip, the evening was incredibly quiet and still.  Barely a sound could be heard in any direction.  It was difficult to leave this beautiful place but I take comfort in knowing that I will visit again, sooner rather than later.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jeep Adventure through the Titus Canyon Narrows

I think the single coolest experience I had that stood out the most on my trip is the drive through the Titus Canyon narrows in Death Valley National Park.  I think everyone that visits Death Valley should take this drive (provided you have a high clearance vehicle, that is).  It is a 27 mile drive over some pretty rough roads but once you get into the narrows the experience is unforgettable.  I had a hard time not stopping to take a photo around every single corner of the canyon.  I would love to do this route again via mountain bike.  Now THAT would be even more fun :-)  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

A picture perfect day in Death Valley!

Some days are just perfect for exploring and this was one of those days.  So many beautiful scenes throughout the day!  

The Racetrack and the Night Sky

This was the coldest night of my trip (it got down into the high teens on this night) and one of the most beautiful.  The stars were amazing but so was the moonlight.  As the moon was setting there was a giant ring around it.  It sure was an amazing view over the Racetrack playa.  I couldn't have asked for a better night at this unique location!