Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joyful Cranes

Jessica and I just returned from our trip commemorating the one-year anniversary of our wedding!  It was an adventure-filled week and we had loads of fun!  We sought out Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River in Nebraska, Snow Geese in northwest Missouri and Bald Eagles along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Nebraska.  I think the highlight of the trip was spending the night in a photography blind at Rowe Sanctuary watching the Sandhill Cranes.  We witnessed a jaw-dropping sunset over the Platte River that evening and fell asleep to the sounds of the cranes chattering on the river.  The next day we drove around the farm fields in search of more cranes and found them around almost every bend in the road.  There was one particular field where the cranes were doing a lot of dancing and we managed to capture some nice images of the action.  I will be sharing some more images from our trip in the days ahead :-)

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