Monday, March 3, 2014

March 1st ice on the Split Rock Lighthouse shoreline

This past weekend I was honored to be a presenter at a Lake Superior Photography Symposium put on by John Gregor of Coldsnap Photography and Split Rock Lighthouse.  Throughout the afternoon 3 other photographers in addition to myself presented their work to a group gathered in the auditorium at Split Rock Lighthouse.  It was a wonderful afternoon of sharing images, stories and techniques.  After the presentations we all went down to the shoreline just west of the lighthouse to photograph sunset.  Because of the clear and very cold conditions, sunset was rather bland.  But, it was still pretty out there.  Those extremely cold, crisp days have a stark beauty of their own.  The shoreline was packed in with ice so I looked for an interesting shape in the ice to put in the foreground of my photograph.  Not long after the sun went down we all made a quick escape to our vehicles due to the cold.  I'm not sure what the temp actually got down to for a low that night, but I know it was forecast to reach almost thirty below zero.  On the drive home I saw minus 15 on my truck's thermometer, and that was before 10 PM!  I can easily believe that it reached minus 30 later that night :-)

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