Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cook County Blizzard Buster

I know, I know… everyone is sick of winter.  Well, my patience is running a little thin for the season as well but as long as it continues to provide for some good photo opportunities, I'm not going to pass them up!  Just a little while ago it was snowing pretty hard here in Grand Portage.  It is also very windy.  I was outside shoveling when I heard the county plow truck pass by on the road behind our house.  I knew this meant in another minute or so it would be coming by the front of our house.  With the snow blowing across the roadway I knew it would make for an interesting shot of the plow truck.  So, I went in the house to get the camera then went back outside and positioned myself near the end of the driveway.  Sure enough, about 20 seconds later, the truck came around the corner and it was just annihilating the drifts that were on the roadway.  When the blade hit a drift, the snow would fly up and the wind would catch it and whip it everywhere.  I made this photo just as the plow was hitting a drift and the wind was doing its thing.  It sure made for a pretty impressive picture!

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