Monday, March 10, 2014

Tracks on the ice

A lot of "blue" pictures lately!  Our sunsets haven't been particularly colorful lately, which means most of the pictures I've been taking have been dominantly blue.  Blue sky and blue ice makes for a blue photo :-)  Oh well, I still love getting out and photographing the ice, no matter what the sky is like.  Here is a shot from the other night while I was walking along the shoreline checking out the piles of plate ice not far from my home.  There were animal tracks like this running all around along the shoreline.  I'm not really sure what animal made the tracks.  They are too small to be wolf tracks (possibly coyote?) and too big, I think, to be fox tracks.  It could have been a dog, I suppose, since I did see some snowshoe tracks made my someone else that day and maybe they had a dog along with them.  The pattern also has me confused.  You don't normally see tracks like this where each paw print is side by side.  They are usually staggered a bit.  I'm far from being an expert on animal tracks, so maybe someone else can shed a little more light on this mystery :-)

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