Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reaching for the sky

Here is a shot from dusk last night on the shores of Lake Superior in Grand Portage.  One of my favorite sections of shoreline to photograph is absolutely loaded with plate ice right now.  Last night I walked along this section of shoreline looking for interesting compositions in the ice.  What you see here is my favorite shot of the evening.  Unlike most of my photos, this was taken without the use of a tripod.  I simply couldn't set up my tripod to get the angle that I wanted.  The tall plate of ice that you see on the left was actually only about two feet high, so I had to get really low and really close to it in order to portray it the way you see here.  I was basically laying on the ground on my stomach to make this photograph.  It's supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow, our warmest day of the year thus far so I would imagine that will start to melt some of this ice. 

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