Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Ice Detail

I'm sure people are good and tired of seeing pictures of ice and snow, so I'm going to say that this will (probably) be the last ice picture that I post for the year :-)  I can't help it, I just love ice and literally never get tired of photographing it.  Especially when it contains as much detail as it does here.  This is the hillside opposite from Partridge Falls (on the Pigeon River in Grand Portage, MN).  It is completely coated in ice with freezing spray from the waterfall.  You have to look closely to see just how much detail is in this scene.  If you do look closely, you'll see that the entire surface of the ice is coated with millions of little bumps.  Keep in mind that this photo only shows about 1/20 of the surface of the entire hillside.  Now imagine that entire hillside covered with all these little bumps of ice.  It's quite fascinating!

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