Sunday, April 10, 2016

Island Universe

This photo represents all that I love about spending a night under the stars and enjoying a beautiful dark sky.  I made this photo after spending the previous 4 hours making images of the stars over Hollow Rock in Grand Portage.  Once I wrapped up at Hollow Rock I decided to drive down the shore to the lake walk section of the Superior Hiking Trail just north of Grand Marais.  The lake walk section has this beautiful sometimes island/sometimes tombolo (currently it's an island) that is a wonderful photographic subject.  This time of year the Milky Way lines up perfectly with the island.  

By the time I arrived at this location the faintest bit of daylight was just starting to creep up on the horizon.  I really liked the added feel the early dawn light gave to the photo.  Also, on the right side of the photo some hazy clouds were moving in which really accented the view of the stars on that side of the picture, making them appear much larger than they really were.  After making a series of images here, I went back to Hollow Rock and photographed a beautiful sunrise.  Nights like this are what I live for as a photographer, especially one that enjoys photographing the night sky so much!

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