Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring at Partridge Falls

The Pigeon River is slowly but surely continuing to open up for spring!  It seems like the melting process has been slow this year due to temperatures that have been hovering mainly in the low 30's with overnight lows in some cases reaching well below freezing.  What this means is that some portions of the river are completely open with no ice cover at all, while other portions still have a good thick layer of ice.  

At the waterfalls, it means a beautiful combination of open water and stunning ice formations.  I visited Partridge Falls yesterday and it was unbelievably beautiful.  99% of the actual waterfall itself is free of ice, but there is a giant ice bridge at the foot of the falls.  You can see that bridge in this photo.  The bridge is about 15 feet or so tall, and maybe 20 feet wide at its narrowest point.  Downstream from the ice bridge the majority of the width of the river is open and running freely.  With temperatures forecast to be in the 50's over the coming days, we should see the river opening up quite a bit more!

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