Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Sunrise at Hollow Rock

I just got in from an entire night spent photographing the night sky and I've gotta say.... WOW what a night!  It sure was beautiful. Clear skies have been a rare thing this past winter and last night was one of the clearest nights in a long time.  Thankfully the wind was fairly calm as well, since the temperatures were a bit cold for early April.  The coldest I saw was 4 degrees and the warmest was 17 degrees when I arrived back home after sunrise.  

After shooting the night sky for several hours I was driving home and noticed the sky was starting to look nice with some colorful clouds. I decided to stop at Hollow Rock and see how sunrise would pan out.  It turned out to be pretty nice!  

I took the opportunity to play around with my ND filters.  I used a 6-stop ND filter and a 2-stop reverse graduated ND filter.  Stacking the filters and using an ISO of 400 and an aperture of f/11 gave me a 15 second exposure which really smoothed out the movement of the waves along the shoreline.  It was a beautiful beginning to the day, and a perfect ending to an awesome night of photography!

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