Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Mountains at Red Rock Point

Last night I went for a hike along the shoreline of Lake Superior.  The area I went to had pretty deep snow and hadn't been tracked yet so I brought along my snowshoes in order to have easier access to the shore.  With all the snow we've already had this week it was pretty deep right along the shoreline.  Red Rock Point is fairly high off the water with a dramatic, steep shoreline which sometimes catches the snow and wind, causing a lot of drifting.  I love the untouched snow in the foreground of this scene, it made for a pristine look to the photo.  As I was photographing this scene the air was incredibly still and quiet.  Even so, I could hear a river of ice moving along far out from shore.  There must have been a current pushing the ice because I could hear it crunching and grinding in the distance.  The sound of moving ice is one of my favorite sounds in nature.  I wonder what this scene will look like after today.  We are getting another round of snow with possibly 8 inches of new accumulation by the end of the day, which will push our snowfall total for this week to 20 inches or more!

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