Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Moon and Birch Tree Shadows

I love the night.  I have no problem whatsoever staying up for most of the night and being outside making images.  It's much easier for me to do that than it is to get up early and try to catch a sunrise.  This is another image from the other night when my friend Roger and I went out looking for the northern lights.  If you remember my last post then you remember that we did indeed see some northern lights, but they were pretty faint.  No problem for us, as the moonlight was glorious and provided plenty of photo opportunities.  We noticed that because the moon was fairly low in the western sky it was making for some nice long shadows of all the trees.  I decided to try and make some images of the shadows as well as the sky.  Luckily the moon was a week away from being full so the sky still had plenty of visible stars.  If you look closely at the surface of the snow you can see it sparkling in the moonlight.  I love how the sparkles in the snow sort of mimic the sparkle of the stars in the sky.  I think that this is my favorite image from the night of shooting.  Enjoy!

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