Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cave of Blues

Fascinating ice cave that I found last weekend.  Since discovering this cave, I have been back to photograph it 3 times under various lighting conditions.  This photo was made at sunset on a day when most of the sky was filled with clouds but there was an opening in the clouds right along the western horizon.  I crawled into the cave and waited for the sun to reach that opening.  I was curious what it would do to the color of the ice when the sun came into the open, shone its light up onto the clouds then reflecting that light off the clouds and back down onto the ice.  Before the sun hit the opening in the clouds the ice was just sort of a drab gray color.  When the sun came out, though, the ice started to glow this mesmerizing blue color.  It was unreal to be sitting inside the cave bathed in this incredible light!

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