Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice Cave Wonderland

Hmmmm... anyone getting tired of shots from the ice caves yet?  I promise I will only post one or two more shots, then be done with it :-)  Photographing them was just so much fun and so fascinating it's hard not to share each and every photo that I made of them.  The hole or arch that you see in this photo is probably one of the most photographed features of the mainland sea caves this year.  The ice formations on both sides of this arch are incredible.  Many of the shots from the caves that I've seen posted on Facebook this year have been of this arch.  Some have been really intriguing and thoughtful compositions, others have been more like "snapshots".  Any way you look at it, it's interesting to see how so many people are drawn to one specific feature.  This is one shot where I really appreciated having all the other people around.  I wanted to include a person walking past the arch in the background and it was very easy to do this, since every few seconds somebody walked past.  I made several images of people walking past the arch and this one was my favorite. 

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