Friday, September 25, 2015

Canyon Flow

I love this section of the Kadunce River.  The way the water flows over the rock is simply beautiful.  The tilting LCD screen of my Nikon D750 came in really handy for this photograph.  I had my tripod set up in the water about as low as I could get it without getting the camera wet.  All I had to do was flip the screen up to see what the camera was seeing and easily compose this shot :-)


David Staff said...

How do you keep from camera shake with water flowing over tripod legs?

Travis Novitsky said...

Hi David, In this instance, the water was very shallow, only about two inches of flowing water over the smooth rock, so there wasn't much if any camera shake going on. It does help, though, that I have a pretty heavy duty tripod which really makes for a firm support for the camera. The water would have to be running pretty fast and hard for it to cause shake through the tripod that I have.