Friday, April 25, 2014

Beautiful Blizzard

Here is a shot from earlier today, taken around 2:00 PM.  It had been snowing hard for about 20 hours at that point.  We got about a foot of new snow (depending on where you are in relation to Lake Superior) and it was the wet, heavy kind that knocks trees down and causes power outages.  While this snow is difficult to deal with this time of year, it certainly is beautiful when it's wet as it sticks to almost every inch of every tree in sight.  This photo was taken during one of the times when the snowfall rate was heaviest and the flakes were biggest.  The snow was blowing almost directly at me and I had to clean the front of my lens in between every shot.  Hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed!) this will be our last snow storm of the season, as spring is long overdue!

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