Sunday, October 2, 2016

High Falls, Baptism River

Last week I had to go to Duluth for a few things so I decided to head down in the evening and spend the night at my brother's place.  That way I could get my errands done in the morning and do some hiking in the afternoon on the way home.  I really wanted to hike to the waterfalls at Tettegouche Stat Park.  When the morning rolled around, however, the weather was not looking promising.  It was raining all morning and when I started driving back up the shore it was raining there as well.  I really didn't feel like hiking in the rain so I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get a hike in.  

Lucky for me, just before arriving at Tettegouche State Park the rain stopped and some breaks in the clouds started to appear.  I figured I'd make a run for it.  Maybe I'd get lucky and I could see the waterfalls while dodging any further rain storms.  For the next couple of hours my luck held out and I was able to hike to both High Falls and Two Step Falls without any rain falling.  I even had some nice sunlight for a few moments at each waterfall.  When I got back to my car and resumed my drive up the shore, it wasn't long before it started raining again!  What luck I had on this day to make the hike in between rain showers and to have just enough sunlight on the waterfalls to make a mid-day shot more interesting :-)

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