Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Aurora Clouds

Okay, I think this is the last photo I'm going to share from the aurora event of May 8, 2016!  I just keep finding more pictures from that night that I want to share.  This one was made before the lights got REALLY good that night... and that's saying something because I think they're pretty darn good in this photo too!  I made this photo early on in the night when the lights were less active... and these were pretty active, so you can imagine how it was when they really took off!  Well, actually you don't have to imagine.  Just check out the photos I posted about a week ago :-)  Shortly after making this photo, the clouds you see on the left came in and completely blocked the view of the sky.  Once that happened, I took a drive in search of openings in the clouds, but didn't find any until I returned back to this tree a couple of hours later. 

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