Friday, May 13, 2016

Arrow River Waterfall

We had a busy weekend this past week!  We went for a cross bike ride on the eve of the beginning of our weekend, then spent the following morning doing yard work.  After a quick lunch we hiked up Mt. Josephine, one of the most rugged and challenging hikes along the entire Minnesota north shore.  The next day we started off with a morning fat bike ride then in the afternoon we went up into Canada and hiked to this waterfall on the Arrow River.  

This waterfall is only a 25 mile drive from our house followed by about a one mile hike through the woods.  There is no established trail to this waterfall.  I visited it for the first time last fall, despite it being not that far from home.  It is a beautiful waterfall.  The Arrow River flows into the Pigeon River, which flows through the state park where I work.  Visiting the waterfall was a great way to wrap up our fun weekend.  Oh, we went to work the next day then did another cross bike ride in the evening after work :-)  

In case you haven't already heard, Jessica deserves some congratulations!  She applied for a job at Sequoia National Park and was recently offered the job!  It's quite a step up from her position here, and is a job with a 3-month furlough so she will be coming back home to Minnesota during those 3 months.  It'll be tough to be apart for so long, but it's a temporary change, one that will help advance her career and help her retirement plus be very challenging and rewarding.  And, it'll be a great excuse for me to use some vacation time to go out and see her and explore more of California with her :-)  In the meantime, we plan on filling as much of our time as possible with lots of outdoor adventures before she leaves for California!

Below is a photo that Jessica took of me standing in front of the waterfall.

And here is a picture of us standing on the summit of Mt. Josephine on our hike the day before, 700 feet above Lake Superior!


tacotacopakto said...

That's a beautiful waterfall! Do you park on Arrow river road to get to it? I love little secret spots like that.

Travis Novitsky said...

Yes, park on Arrow River Road and it's a fairly short walk through the woods to the waterfall.