Friday, October 23, 2015

Talking Falls

Talking Falls or Moraine Creek Falls, a waterfall with two names in Ontario, Canada.  Whichever name you prefer, one thing is certain: it is a very impressive and beautiful waterfall!  This one was a little tricky to get to, as it was over 20 miles down a series of logging roads to get to it.  The last mile or so of road into the falls was pretty rough with some deep mud holes.  I was really glad that I had our truck and not the car!  

The road ends just to the top left of the falls as seen in this photo.  There is a short path that goes to the top edge of the falls and provides a view of the valley below, but the real treat is climbing down the trail (thankfully there is rope to assist with the climb) to the view from the bottom.  I love how this one drops straight off the cliff and the colors of the rock wall behind the water are quite unique.  The rock is very red and the massive boulders at the base of the falls are intriguing as well.  Can you imagine what it would be like to witness those boulders fall out from the cliff?  The water was pretty low during my visit... I'd love to see this one with a high volume of water!

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