Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here comes the storm!

We had a pretty incredible night of northern lights last night!  I wasn't even expecting any activity but not long after we went to bed I was laying there wide awake and decided to check the aurora forecast and see if it was doing anything.  To my surprise, the aurora index was high enough to categorize as "Very Active", so I looked out the window over our back yard and sure enough, the lights were dancing in the sky.  I decided to head out and try and make some photos of the lights (I need to thank my lovely and awesome wife Jessica, she is always very understanding and supportive of my late night ventures into the darkness to photograph the aurora!).  

I ended up spending the remainder of the night in pursuit of the lights.  I stopped at several different locations and made a lot of nice images but my favorite location was this inland lake that provided a nice wide-open view of the sky.  It didn't hurt that it was such a calm night, perfect for enjoying the light show that was happening in the sky!  This photo was made at 4:39 AM on Pine Lake near Grand Marais, MN during a time when there was a surge in the lights and they were especially active.  Photographed with a Nikon D750 camera and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, exposure length 15 seconds at f/2.8 and ISO 800.

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