Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Blue Moon shines on Wauswaugoning Bay

It's that time of year again for Grand Portage's annual Rendezvous Days celebration, which is our big pow-wow event each year that coincides with the rendezvous reenactment at Grand Portage National Monument.  Both the pow-wow and the rendezvous are places you'll want to spend serious amounts of time as there is a lot to see and do.  But, while you're here, you should also take some time to appreciate the scenic beauty that surrounds our area.  Grand Portage has some of the best views of Lake Superior to be found anywhere along the Minnesota shoreline of the lake.  

Here is one such scene taken at dusk during the last full moon, also called the blue moon since it was the second full moon to occur in July.  The illumination that you see on the shoreline in this photo was from the light of the blue moon, which was rising behind me as I made this photo.  We are now approaching the new moon which means our night sky will be much darker but this also coincides with the Perseid meteor shower which occurs every year around this time.  So, the night sky conditions should be good for meteor watching (that is if the clouds ever move out!).  Whatever you end up doing this weekend, rest assured if you're in Grand Portage there will be plenty of activities to occupy your time!

For a schedule of events for the pow-wow click here: 

Grand Portage Rendezvous Days Pow-Wow

And for more information about the rendezvous reenactment click here:

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