Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rendezvous Days Aurora

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, it is the annual Grand Portage Rendezvous Days Celebration this weekend.  We have a big pow-wow that goes on all weekend and Grand Portage National Monument has their big reenactment going on as well.  I don't normally visit the Spirit Tree on Rendezvous weekend but this year I have company and wanted to show the tree to them.  Since the space weather forecast was calling for a chance of northern lights I decided that we should visit the tree late at night to watch the crescent moon rise and wait for the northern lights to show up.  There were indeed some lights, but just a soft green glow on the horizon.  It was a very pretty night with the stars, clouds, northern lights, moonlight and the occasional Perseid meteor streaking across the sky.  

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