Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lily Lover

I've been having a ton of fun yesterday and again this morning photographing the hummingbirds in our lily garden in front of the house.  About a week or so ago Jessica noticed that there was a pair of hummingbirds hanging around in random places around our yard.  We noticed them feeding from the lily garden now and then, but they didn't really hang around in it a lot until yesterday.  I was watering our raised garden beds yesterday morning and I noticed this pair of hummingbirds zipping around in between the beds.  They even landed on the ground a few times.  

Then as I was watering the lily bed they were all over in it, sipping nectar from all of the flowers.  They would work their way around the bed, then disappear for a few minutes and come back to work the bed over again.  They did this for most of the day and have been doing it again today.  It's tricky getting a good shot of them as they generally don't sit still for more than a brief moment.  Every now and then, though, they would actually land on one of the petals and stay there for just a second longer than usual.  That is when I made this shot.  They are such fascinating little birds and it sure has been fun seeing them enjoy our flower garden!

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