Thursday, September 1, 2016

West Bearskin Afternoon

Yesterday I hiked the Caribou Rock Trail to Rose Lake in the Boundary Waters. What a tough hike!  Jessica and I hiked this trail a few years ago but it was much more difficult this time thanks to a LOT of fallen trees from wind storms earlier this year.  Many of the trees were cut and cleared, but just as many (if not more) were not.  I ended up climbing over some, under some and taking sometimes lengthy detours around larger clumps of trees.  

Overall the hike was just a hair short of 10 miles round trip with 2,800 feet of overall elevation gain.  LOTS of ups and downs along this trail! I think it just may be the toughest day hike in the county.  For the majority of the hike the sky was filled with thick, gray cloud cover which didn't make for very good photography of the overlook views.  On the return, however, the clouds were dissipating and there was some nice blue sky.  I made this photo of West Bearskin Lake on the return portion of the hike.  It's my favorite photo of the day.

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