Thursday, January 23, 2014

Skiing the Sugar Bush

Yesterday was a cold, blustery day with a high of barely zero degrees and 20 to 25 MPH winds.  Being that it was the only chance we had this week to go together, Jessica and I went skiing!  We skied the Sugar Bush/Section 11 loop of the Grand Portage trail system.  When I was a kid Grand Portage had about 160K of groomed cross-country ski trails.  Most of these trails are still groomed today but are not tracked for skiing.  They are groomed flat for snowmobiling.  They still make for a fun cross-country ski, though!  Grand Portage has some of the prettiest forest trails in all of Minnesota and we were reminded of that yesterday during our 8-mile ski.  The Sugar Bush portion of the trail winds through a beautiful Maple forest and the second half of the Section 11 portion goes through some very nice pine and spruce sections before returning to the Maples.  The wind was brutal yesterday but we were dressed for the conditions and had a great time despite the cold! 

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Steve Remer said...

I'll tell you this, my friend: whenever I want to showcase Grand Marais to someone, I point them to your site.

I've never been there. I live in Georgia. Odd, isn't it? I feel intuitively that one day I will get there. Time will tell.