Monday, December 16, 2013

Mountain Ash Ice

What an amazing winter this is shaping up to be!  Well, actually, it already has been an amazing winter with more snow, cold and wind than I think we had by this time the past few winters!  It is snowing again right now as I type this, with 3 to 5 inches of new snow possible by the end of today.  I went for a short drive this morning and the snow was coming down heavily, with already about 2 inches of new white powder on the ground.  Because it is snowing, the sky is pretty gray so I'm going to share an image from a blue sky day!  The photo shown here was taken along the Lake Superior shoreline and shows the beauty that can follow an intense winter storm on the big lake.  As you already know from previous images I've shared, big waves and cold temperatures mean that everything along the shoreline gets coated in ice.  I've always wanted to find a shot that would allow me to show the beauty of the ice combined with a nice, blue sky and the vivid red color of mountain ash berries.  Finding all three of these elements in a pleasing photographic composition is harder than you might think!  Recently, however, I was provided all 3 in a beautiful scene along the shores of Lake Superior.  I hope you enjoy this cold but beautiful find as much as I did!

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