Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Superior Blue

While this winter has been a great one for some things (like fat biking), in other ways it has really been lame.  Probably the most noticeable thing that's been lacking is the ice cover on Lake Superior.  There essentially has not been any ice on the big lake this winter.  Sure, there has been a little here and there for a day or two, but nothing at all like a typical winter.  Since ice is one of my favorite things to photograph, it's been a tough winter for me in terms of my photography.  I really missed having ice to photograph.  So, this morning I've been looking back at some photographs from a couple of years ago when we had a LOT of ice.  This particular photo was taken on February 18, 2015 near Two Harbors, Minnesota.  


Box Canyon Blog said...

I really enjoy your strange brew of passion for beautiful outdoor photography and Phat Tired bikes... even in winter :) Keep up the good work.
I've added you to my "blog list," if you don't mind.

Travis Novitsky said...

Thanks Mark! I appreciate the comment. I will check out your blog as well.