Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Aurora Borealis, Sturgeon Bay

Ontario, Canada

Had a blast last night watching the northern lights after going to the movies in Thunder Bay!  I knew the aurora forecast was good so I planned on hiking down to the shoreline of Sturgeon Bay on my way home, with hopes that the lights would be out.  When I first arrived at this location the lights were indeed out, but they were very faint.  My timing was good, however, as not long after I got my camera set up the lights started to get stronger.  Before long there was a full-blown aurora storm going on in front of me!  

The photo shown here was before the lights got really intense.  I had a timelapse sequence going during the strongest of the lights, so I was able to capture the motion and intensity of the storm on video.  While the sky was going crazy with activity, Lake Superior was exactly the opposite.  It was one of those rare nights where the lake is absolutely still.  Calm enough that you could easily see stars reflecting in the surface of the water.  I stayed at this location for 3 hours hoping the lights would flare up into another storm.  Unfortunately they did not.  After the one big flare-up the activity subsided for the remainder of my time there. With several nice images and a sweet timelapse, I'd say my 3 hours were definitely a success!

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