Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Southwest Slammer

I just got home from a day trip to Duluth and WOW has it been windy all day out there!  Last night we had rain with thunder and lightning, this morning it was snowing so hard it was practically a whiteout and the entire time we've been getting slammed with high winds.  Driving to Duluth was frustrating as the wind gusts were so high it was hard to keep the car going straight at times.  

The wind was primarily out of the southwest which meant I was driving into it on the way to Duluth and had it at my back on the way home.  This made a huge difference in my mileage, as my car averaged 23 miles per gallon on the way down and 36 on the way back!

On the way home I happened to be passing through Grand Marais right at sunset.  The waves and the lighting were spectacular.  Lots of people were milling around various areas of the harbor to watch the waves as they collided with the breakwall and exploded into the air.  It definitely was an awesome show!  

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