Monday, June 6, 2016

Surprise Aurora!

Maybe it wasn't really a surprise (meaning the lights last night could have actually been in the space weather forecast) but they were a surprise to us.  Since our forecast had been calling for a strong chance of rain over the weekend, I hadn't paid attention to what was going on with the space weather forecast.  So, imagine our surprise when we stepped outside last night and immediately saw the northern lights dancing in the sky!  It was a welcome surprise for sure.  

The night was mostly clear with just a few clouds here and there.  I was thankful for the 2 inches of rain we received over the weekend, as this pond was absolutely full of water.  Usually when standing in this spot you are looking out over a grassy meadow but last night it looked more like a lake, which made for some sweet reflections of the lights.  The frogs were calling and we heard a beaver slap its tail several times.  At one point when I was standing on the edge of this pond I heard the patter of little footsteps approaching. I looked to my right and saw a small shadowy figure approaching.  A quick look with the flashlight revealed a fox that was just 20 feet away.  Apparently he didn't realize we had been standing there as he had been walking directly toward us!  Once my flashlight beam hit him, he turned and ran the other way.  

It seems like every night when I'm out photographing the aurora it's an unforgettable night in a variety of ways.  Last night it was that way not only because of the lights but also because of the wildlife encounters.  Spending time outdoors at night is my absolute favorite thing to do.  I always come home with good memories to think back on :-)

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