Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winter Wonderland - Hungry Jack Lake

The other day I took a drive up the Gunflint Trail to see how winter was progressing inland from Lake Superior.  As you already know from my previous posts, winter along the Superior shoreline has been very slow to arrive this year.  Instead of snow we've been getting rain.  In fact, it rained again all day yesterday.  Inland, however, it has been snowing more than raining thanks to cooler temperatures away from Lake Superior.  

We had a big storm a little over a week ago that left quite a bit of snow along the Gunflint Trail.  Amazingly, a week after the storm most of the trees were still coated in a thick blanket of snow.  Usually our winter storms are trailed by high winds and indeed we did have a lot of wind along the Superior shoreline.  Either there wasn't as much wind inland or the snow was so wet that it clung to the trees despite the wind.  

At any rate, my drive along the Gunflint two days ago was like driving through a classic winter postcard scene.  Everything was white, everywhere you looked!  This photo was taken from the Honeymoon Bluff trail overlooking Hungry Jack Lake.  I was surprised to see that the lake still had several patches of open water.  Usually the lakes would be completely iced over by now.  Another testament to the mild winter we're having thus far. 

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