Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Night in the Superior National Forest

Last night was a good one for the northern lights!  I spent the entire night out photographing the lights in various locations.  Visiting multiple areas was kind of necessary due to cloud cover plaguing much of the region.  There was also heavy fog at my house when I headed out.  I was hopeful that the fog was only along the Lake Superior shoreline and it would clear up if I headed inland.  Thankfully, that plan worked!  As I drove down the shore the fog dissipated and eventually the cloud cover started breaking up as well.  I drove south to Tofte, MN and headed up the Sawbill Trail to try some new (for me) locations for photographing the aurora. 

I stopped at 4 different locations near the Sawbill Trail and each time I got lucky and had a clear sky long enough to make a few exposures of the lights.  After making a few images at each location the clouds moved back in and totally obscured the view of the sky, so I was off again in search of another spot with a clear view.  As I was making my circuit around the arrowhead region I saw a plethora of wildlife.  At least 40 to 50 deer (mostly along Highway 61), a dozen or more rabbits, two moose and a skunk.  It was a great night in many ways!  

As is my tendency, the first image that I'm going to share from last night's adventures is my favorite.  I arrived at this location just as the lights were flaring back up after a lull in their activity.  There were a lot of reds in the colors of the lights last night, which happens from time to time but is certainly not common.  Mostly we see green and purple.  Also, the red color is not always immediately apparent to the naked eye.  I had no idea that there was this much color in the sky until I made my first photograph and saw how much red there was.  I could just barely make out the color when looking at the sky, but the camera really picks up a lot more of it.  Look for another photo to be posted later today!

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