Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Aurora Hunting Partner

Here's a fun shot from the last night that I spent out in search of the northern lights.  The lighting was so cool with the moonlight and aurora I wanted to set up a shot that showcased the vehicle that is my reliable partner in all my back roads adventures, our 2012 Ford F-150.  This truck is awesome and it takes me just about anywhere I care to go with no complaints.  We have an economical car too but the truck is my vehicle of choice when tromping around in the woods after dark.  It's high clearance and tough tires mean I don't have to worry about the road conditions when I'm chasing the aurora.  And, the V6 EcoBoost engine means I don't have to break the bank in fuel costs either.  I love how not only the aurora is reflecting in the bodywork of the truck, but also the stars!

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