Saturday, July 11, 2015

A subtle yet beautiful show

Last night the aurora forecast was calling for a minor geomagnetic storm so I went out for most of the night in search of the lights.  I did find some lights and while it wasn't anything in comparison to the storm we experienced on June 23rd, it was still a very beautiful sight.  Especially on such a calm and bug free night!  I couldn't believe the lack of mosquitoes, especially since I was in an area where they are typically very bad and there was no wind at all to keep them away.  This morning I've been reading reports of people that were out shooting last night in other parts of the state and how they gave up because the bugs were so bad.  I'm sorry those folks were unable to fully enjoy last night, as it was certainly a beautiful night to be outdoors.  

I do have a rather entertaining story to tell about last night, but that will accompany the other photo that I am going to share later today :-)

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