Monday, November 24, 2014

Nugget Falls - Juneau, Alaska

I've been so focused on eagles with my Alaska posts that I sort of forgot about all these other cool images I have to share with you as well!  Such as this photo of Nugget Falls in Juneau.  This waterfall is right near Mendenhall Glacier and is AMAZING!  It makes for a great shot with a telephoto lens as well as up close and personal with a wide angle lens.  I made this photo with my Tamron 150-600mm lens from near the visitor center, about a half mile away from the waterfall.  We had seen this mountain biker come around the bend, riding along the shoreline of the lake below the glacier.  I waited, hoping he would ride in front of the waterfall and sure enough, he did!  It made for a great shot as well giving a good sense of scale to the size of the waterfall.  The waterfall is quite tall (according to sources online it drops 377 feet in two tiers of 99 feet and 278 feet); this photograph shows less than half of its total height. 

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