Friday, November 1, 2013

Autumn's Last Call - Little Manitou Falls

After our recent trip to Wisconsin to photograph Sandhill Cranes we decided to take a different route home from the route we usually take. We traveled home through Wisconsin via Highway 35, which brought us right through Pattison State Park.  Pattison has two very nice waterfalls that are very easy to see after a short walk on the park trails.  A drop of 165 feet makes Big Manitou Falls the tallest waterfall in Wisconsin.  While fascinating to see, I did not find Big Manitou Falls overly interesting to photograph.  I had more fun photographing Little Manitou Falls, which is 31 feet high according to the park literature.  I just found the shape and overall character of the smaller waterfall to be more interesting than the big one. We enjoyed this park and will be stopping here again in the future for sure!

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