Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sublime Sunrise over the Minnesota North Woods

Today we spent the entire day out in the woods enjoying the fall colors.  In certain areas the colors were excellent while in other areas the leaves were still mostly green.  Overall the color change is a bit late this year.  Our maple trees usually peak around the 3rd week of September, this year it looks like the peak is going to be about a week or a week and a half late compared to most years.  We started the day off by going up to one of the local fire towers in Grand Portage.  The forecast was calling for a 100% chance of rain, so we were not really expecting anything great for sunrise.  We were lucky, though, as the heavy cloud cover had not yet moved completely in over the area.  We were treated to an incredible autumn sunrise.  The glorious light did not last long, however, as the sun soon rose up into the clouds which made for great photography under the tree canopy!  For most of the remainder of the day we enjoyed nice, soft light for shooting the trees from the forest floor. 

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