Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Morning on Mt. Sophie

Here is another image from Saturday morning on Mt. Sophie.  For the first hour of daylight the clouds were fantastic!  After that the cloud cover was too thick to get a nice photograph of scenes like this, so we moved under the tree canopy for the rest of the day.  Cloudy days are really nice for photographing the woods from the ground, as the clouds act like a giant soft box which takes away the harsh contrast of a bright, sunny day.  The scene shown here is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite autumn view in Minnesota!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Today, Friday 10/4, we drove up Mt. Sophie as far as the beaver dam right by road. Had to park there and walk the rest of the way because of our 2 wheel drive sedan.

Climbed the fire tower. Stairs are in good condition. Colors are past peak now but still beautiful and nice walk thru woods.

Thanks again!!

Rick - Hovland