Saturday, June 27, 2015

Merganser Family

'Tis the season for baby animals!  I have seen fox kits on a couple of occasions, but never for long enough to get any pictures of them.  Goslings seem to be everywhere, with several of them along the road we live as well as at the state park where I work.  There has also been a family of mergansers residing along the shoreline in front of our house and I did manage to get a shot of them the other day.  They are so cute when they are babies!  They have a tough life at first, though, with many hazards to overcome.  Usually when an animal has so many babies it is because so many of them don't survive to adulthood.  Having more increases the chances that some will survive. Personally, I hope of the best and wish that most if not all of these little mergansers survive to live a long adult life :-)

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