Monday, September 8, 2014

Harvest Moon and Ancient Pine

Last night I went out in search of a photo-worthy sunset, which I did not find.  Thanks to thick cloud cover along the Lake Superior shoreline I chose to head to an inland lake hoping to find a clearing sky as the sun set.  Well, I found a clearing sky alright.  The trouble is, it cleared too quickly!  By the time the sun went down the sky was completely devoid of any clouds.  What I did find, however, was a very beautiful moonrise!  Luckily I was in an area that had several large pine trees that stood apart against the sky from the rest of the forest.  I found a pair of trees that I liked and photographed the rising moon in between the two trees.  I loved the subtle color in the sky and I decided to break one of the "rules" of photography and composed this photo with the trees and the moon in the center of the frame, because that composition just called out to me and I really liked it.  I hope you like it as well :-)

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