Thursday, July 20, 2017

Riding Lower Burner of Stovetop

For my days off this week I headed down to Duluth to visit my brother and hopefully get some riding in with him on the Mission Creek trails.  Unfortunately it rained the night I got down there as well as the following morning.  The trails at Mission Creek are mostly clay surface, so they take awhile to dry out.  Consequently those trails were not open at all while I was in Duluth.  

Piedmont, however, opened up earlier than anything else so that's where we went.  A significant portion of the trails we rode were very rocky and rough going.  But, after a while we popped out onto the Duluth Traverse, and this section of trail looked new!  I find the singletrack trails to be incredibly photogenic especially when they are in a beautiful forest such as this.  Looking at this photo it's hard to believe that you're right in the middle of the city!

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