Saturday, April 15, 2017

Foothills Sunset

I just returned from 10 days of hiking, camping and exploring in California with my wife Jessica.  At the beginning of the trip my flight to Fresno arrived in the evening so we spent the first night at a hotel.  The next day we drove in to Sequoia National Park through Kings Canyon National Park.  What a beautiful drive!  There was still a lot of snow in places along the road, which had only recently been opened after being closed for the winter.  

As we started to get close to the Lodgepole area of Sequoia, our destination for the next couple of nights, the sun was setting and the foothills to the west looked spectacular.  We found a nice spot with a view and watched as the colors of the sunset unfolded. When the color was gone we resumed the drive.  It was a great start to what would be an amazing trip filled with beautiful and interesting things to photograph!

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Maureen said...

Wonderful. Truly wonderful.