Sunday, October 12, 2014

Itasca's Big White Pine

I love big trees.  I've visited the Redwoods of California a few times, as well as the large trees along the Olympic coast of Washington.  There's just something fascinating about trees that have lived for a few hundred years or more.  Think of all the history that  has happened in the time that these trees have been alive.  

This image shows the largest white pine found in Itasca State Park.  It is one of the coolest trees I've seen in Minnesota.  It reminded me of the Redwoods out in California.  According to an interpretive sign at the site of the tree, Itasca's "Big White Pine" is 112 feet tall with a circumference of 173 inches and a crown spread of 48.75 feet.  It is 300+ years old.  I hope it lives for many years to come :-)

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